Customisable SN30 Pro+ is 8BitDo's most advanced controller yet

And the first full size one too
20 July 2019 / 12:53BST

Still using just your thumbs to play mobile games? What is this, prehistoric times? If you’ve got any respect for your digits you’ll hand them every bit of help they need, possibly in the shape of 8BitDo’s new SN30 Pro+ controller ($49.99). Compatible not just with Android but your Switch, PC and macOS, and even Raspberry Pi, it comes with 8BitDo’s Ultimate Software, which opens up a whole world of button customisation, including button mapping and stick and trigger sensitivity, with your setups saved on a game-by-game basis. There’s also motion control and rumble onboard, plus Bluetooth for connecting wirelessly or USB-C if you want to plug in. And did we mention the 20-hour battery life? It’s time to treat your thumbs like the heroes they are.