8BitDo’s Zero 2 is a gamepad so small you could almost lose it down the back of an atom

8 Bit on the tiny side
14 June 2018 / 12:35BST

When you return to games systems you enjoyed as a kid, you might mull how the controllers seem so much smaller now. 8BitDo’s Zero 2 (about $20) takes this to the extreme, given that it looks like someone left a SNES controller in the wash. But despite being small in stature, this gamepad’s not short of features. You get all the usual controls (D-pad; four action buttons; shoulder triggers; two function buttons), motion controls, wireless Bluetooth, and support for Android, macOS, Windows and Nintendo Switch. And although Stuff is getting cramp just thinking about a marathon gaming session with this diminutive device, that you can feasibly whack it on a keyring means it’s ideal fodder for a gaming emergency, like when you rock up at a friend’s and they’ve only one working controller and a game of retro classic Bubble Bobble eagerly waiting for you to hammer Start.


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