8bitdo’s SNES Classic Mini controller solves the retro console’s biggest annoyance

Snip snip
29 September 2017 / 17:17BST

The SNES Classic Mini is a brilliant little box of classic video gaming joy, but if there’s a minor grievance, it’s that Nintendo still insists we play the old-fashioned way, too - by which we mean cross-legged in front of the TV. Sure, there’s a certain charm to using a corded controller (and at 4.5 feet the SNES Classic Mini is a marked improvement on last year’s resurrected NES) but we wouldn’t say no to a wireless option. Luckily, 8bitdo is on hand with the SN30 (USD$24.99). As well as cutting the cord entirely, the wireless pad returns you to the main menu when you jab Down and Select simultaneously. Much quicker than having to reset. Pre-order and it should arrive for Christmas Day.