Fujifilm’s X-T3 can track even fast-moving toddlers on a sugar high

Meet the fourth generation of the X Series
06 September 2018 / 15:29BST

Smartphone cameras are so damn good nowadays that you’d need a pretty good reason to lug around an SLR. Fortunately, the Fujifilm X-T3 has them in spades. Its back-illuminated APS-C sensor has more than four times the number of phase detection pixels than its predecessors – that means a greater ability to track fast-moving subjects as they careen across the screen. Autofocus works in the lowest of low light, so no one in the bar is safe, and it’s more accurate and faster than ever. It’s also the world’s first camera to output footage at 4K/60P 10bit, meeting the standard of professional videographers. Though admittedly they’re probably not just shooting their pals in the pub. It’s out on 20th September, costing £1,349 for the body only.

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