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Eve Energy’s trio of Matter-powered devices will smarten up your home

A boon for lazy, energy efficient gadgeteers


I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m genuinely more excited by having my appliances and electricals kitted out with voice control and energy monitoring smarts than, say, the release of a new console. Fortnite can keep its ridiculous collaborations, thank you very much. Being able to monitor the power usage of my dehumidifier while asking Alexa to close the blinds is all the adrenaline rush I need.

Armed with that rather dull glimpse into my psyche, you’ll understand my delight at the announcement of a trio of new Matter-powered products from Eve Energy — the Outlet, Light Switch, and Blinds. Their names alone are pretty self-explanatory, but let’s dive into the details a little more, to please Google’s SEO word count masters if nothing else.


The Outlet is the company’s first in-wall product which bestows anything plugged into it with the power of smart home assistant functionality, via both app and voice control. A far more visually pleasing solution than bulkier smart plugs, visitors will be completely oblivious to the smart powers humming within the very walls of your abode. Better yet, Apple Home and Samsung SmartThings users will also be able to keep tabs on the energy consumption of any device plugged into the outlet itself, in a bid to keep monthly costs down.


Next up we have the Light Switch — which is, as you’d expect, a smart (also Matter-capable) switch which lets you control the lights remotely, including the ability to set schedules to fool any nefarious homer invaders. The Blinds are also rather self-explanatory, and would make for a particularly great addition to a lounge or home cinema room where they’ll be in constant use. Made to measure and available in a range of semi-transparent and blackout options, they also have insulating properties to further improve your home’s overall energy efficiency.

As for release dates and pricing, the Eve Energy Outlet will land in the Eve Store | and Amazon for $49.95 on 6 February. The Light Switch will arrive in the second quarter of 2024 for $49.95, while the Eve Blinds Collection will be available in the US and Germany from the Eve Store starting on 1 February. There’s no word on UK pricing or release dates at this time.

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