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Ducati’s lightweight, souped-up folding e-bike lands in the UK

And it’s joined by some nippy leccy-powered scooters

If you’re on the hunt for an e-bike with a little Italian spice thrown into the mix, Ducati’s MG20 could be the two-wheeler that ends your search. Launched last year, it’s finally arriving on UK shores, alongside a range of swanky e-scooters for some zippy stand-up action.

Starting from £1699, it’s an ideal choice for commuters who have to contend with station and office stairs, thanks to an ultra-light, yet super-sturdy folding magnesium frame, forks and rims, which put its overall weight at just 20kg.

It’s powered by a 250W engine which can produce speeds up to 15mph, with the battery comfortably nestled into Ducati’s signature bodywork. Removable for easy charging, it can reach a full charge in five hours, providing up to 30 miles of autonomous riding.

Other standout products landing in the UK include four electric scooters and a specialist off-road e-scooter — the £899 Scrambler CROSS-E — which arrives complete with fat 11.5in anti-puncture tyres, a hefty 500W motor, and 375Wh battery.

Ducati Pro III

There’s also the £799 long-range Pro III — an e-scooter capable of 515W of peak power which, coupled with a 458W battery, provides over 30 miles of juice per charge. Other features include anti-puncture tyres, front and rear brakes, bright LED lights and a magnesium frame. There’s also built-in NFC security, along with a USB port that lets you charge your smartphone.

It’s worth noting that personal e-scooters can currently only be used on private land, ruling out places where they’d actually be useful — you know, like roads and cycle lanes. The UK government is however bringing in an e-scooter law which will expand the legal use of e-scooters with the creation of a new low-speed emission category (though we’re not sure when). Hooray for legislation.

If any of that takes your fancy then you can peruse Ducati’s full electric range at Moov Electric now.