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Cowabunga! dbrand’s latest skin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-ifies your Pixel

While dbrand carries a rep for its carefree persona, the brand's latest skin turns your Pixel into a hero in a half-shell. How very caring.

dbrand is a hit among tech fans for more than its skins. Bringing a laissez-faire attitude and some brutal trolling of both customers and companies, we just can’t get enough. And our favourite robot overloads are back, and this time, they’ve brought friends.

In a blast from the past, dbrand’s latest skins can have your smartphone looking like Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello – the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In a crime-fighting team-up we never thought we’d see, you can dress your device up to look like your favourite half-shell hero.

With the turtle’s signature green colour taking up the majority of the skin, there’s room at the top for each turtle’s coloured headband. Taking over the camera bar on the Pixel devices, it wraps around the back of the device. The camera peeks out like a pair of turtley eyes. dbrand’s skins are super thin with a great textured pattern. By the looks of it, these skins will be somewhere between glossy and matte, made from vinyl.

The new line of skins are only available for Google’s new Pixel 6a. This mid-range phone is Google’s latest, and scored an admirable 5 starts out of 5 in our review. Considering dbrand ran a similar line of skins last year for the flagship Pixel devices, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to suit up any of your other devices. We’re just glad the skins made it out of the sewers again.

Slapping a skin on your device will offer some protection against scratches and light damage. And with dbrand’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Pixels, your phone will look the part, too. You can head straight to dbrand to pre-order one (or all) of these skins. They’ll be shipping out at the end of July, which is when the Pixel 6a also starts shipping. The skin goes for $24.95, but you can’t put a price on saving the world.

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