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Cornilleau’s new table tennis tables for home make me want to learn ping pong

These multi-function table tennis tables from Cornilleau are the real deal, and can turn into normal tables with ease

Cornilleau Table Tennis tables

If you’re looking to bring a bit of fun to your gaff, table tennis tables have long been the popular route. You can stick ’em in a games room or out in the garden. But what about when you don’t want to hit a ball of the whacking great big table? That’s where Cornilleau’s latest tables come in. They’re multi-functional, letting you take down the net and turn them into normal tables when not being used. And the brand’s Olympic reputation means these are the real deal – in fact, they make me want to take up ping pong.

We’re constantly bombarded with new ways to get fit, have fun, and generally improve ourselves. But there aren’t many options without feeling like we’re undergoing some medieval torture (I’m looking at you, spin class). But table tennis is making quite the racket. Fancy taking a go at home? I certainly do. Enter: Cornilleau.

These French maestros have been knocking out top-tier table tennis tables since 1969. Their credentials? A partnership with Table Tennis England and a thumbs up from the Federation Française de Tennis de Table (FFTT). Cornilleau’s tables aren’t just a pretty surface. They’re like the Rolls-Royce of the ping pong world, complete with the Made in France stamp of approval. Their secret sauce? A blend of tradition and innovation – outdoor tables and safety features, anyone?

But Cornilleau isn’t just throwing a couple of paddles at you and calling it a day. Their line-up includes everything from your garden-variety indoor tables to the outdoor behemoths and even pro-grade accessories. The In & Outdoor Origin Ping-Ping Table is basically what happens when table tennis meets high fashion, clocking in at £1995. Moabi wood legs? Check. Anti-UV treatment? Double check.

Feeling a bit more casual? The In & Outdoor Origin Medium Ping-Pong Table at £1825 is your go-to. It’s the everyday jeans of the table tennis world – stylish, functional, and perfect for a dinner party turned doubles tournament. And for the budget-conscious or space-challenged, the Cornilleau range starts at a very accommodating £425, ensuring no one misses out on the action. Fancy taking a stab? They’re all available to order directly from Cornilleau in black or white colourways.

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