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The Nextbase iQ dash cam uses AI smarts to predict accidents

AIs on the road

A driver with spatial awareness should swerve in time to avoid a last-minute lane-changer. Nextbase’s new dash cam with Spatial Awareness won’t stop the costly crunch of bumper on bumper, but it will start recording before the shunt plays out.

Thanks to Roadwatch AI smarts, the iQ keeps track of vehicles around your own. By assessing their speeds and trajectories, it can predict the movements of other motorists better than any backseat driver. When the in-car cam anticipates an accident, it’ll warn the person behind the wheel and capture the evidence in crystal clear 4K.

Parking in a risky spot? The iQ keeps a watchful eye when you’re away from your four-wheeled friend. Thanks to an NXT Dual Link Wi-Fi and 4G cloud connection, you can remotely access a live video feed via the app. High-accuracy GPS logs exactly where your wagon is, while Smart Sense Parking sends instant notifications to your mobile, plus a snapshot of any incidents. So you’ll know whether to believe that cyclist’s story about a pigeon flying off with your wing mirror.

Unlike your usual co-driver, it won’t nod off after 15 minutes. When you need backup, Witness Mode will record on request, with the option to upload in real time to the cloud. Keep your hands on the wheel: voice-activation means you just have to ask.

What’s more, two secondary lenses can capture what’s going on behind your car and inside the cabin in 1440p. So you can quash claims that you bonked your neighbours wall because you were busy searching for snacks in the glovebox.

There’s even a Valet Mode, which adjusts event triggers to suit specific scenarios. Leaving your car at the garage? Let the dash cam know and it’ll tweak motion sensitivity accordingly. Lending your motor to a learner? It’ll presumably alert all other roadgoers within a one mile radius.

Pricing for the Nextbase iQ is yet to be confirmed, but the dash cam is scheduled to launch in Autumn 2022.

Who, what, where: the Nextbase 622GW is a dash cam with life saving smarts