New Nio EV has hot-swappable batteries

Hope you don’t have to re-set the clock every time
19 April 2017 / 11:42BST

Chinese electric car maker Nio is on the curve. It got the world’s attention with its Nurburgring-smashing EP9 electric supercar, priced at US$1.48m, and now it’s unveiled its real-world car. The ES8 is a seven-seater electric SUV, about the same size as a Range Rover, and it's due in 2018. Yawn? Not entirely, as it has a feature that has caused much chin-scratching around the Stuff office – hot-swappable batteries. Instead of waiting around for it to charge, you just ram in a fresh battery and (silently) roar off again. Now, it helps that it’s a Chinese market car, thus enabling Nio to build the necessary network of battery stops… but it’s an intriguing solution nonetheless.

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