IFTTT support makes TomTom’s Go Premium a sat-nav worth having

The Internet of Things goes mobile
01 April 2019 / 11:57BST

Smartphone and Google Maps have made standalone sat-navs look about as necessary as an umbrella on the London Underground but thanks to some nifty IOT skills, TomTom’s new Go Premium makes a pretty decent case for a spot on your dashboard. IFTTT support means you can set it to turn on your security cameras and activate the robot vacuum cleaner as soon as you leave for work, and automatically open the garage door and turn the heating on when you get back. You can also use it to activate Siri on your Bluetooth-connected iPhone, or use its own voice control to set destinations, request alternative routes or fiddle with settings. The 5in Go Premium is available now for £300, or you can have an extra inch for £340.

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