Garmin’s minuscule Dash Cam Mini is no bigger than your car key

I spy with my little eye...
08 May 2019 / 16:28BST

When your dashboard is already home to the sat-nav, phone charger and whatever other trinkets and detritus your car somehow picks up on its travels, finding space for a dash cam can be difficult. But that shouldn’t be a problem if you opt for Garmin’s new Dash Cam Mini (£100). About the same size as a standard car key, it lives on the back of your rear view mirror and still manages to cram in a 140-degree lens, 1080p sensor and Wi-Fi. Unlike the others in the new range - the pricier 46, 56 and 66W - it doesn’t have a screen, voice control or GPS, but you can use your phone to review the clips it automatically captures when it detects an incident worth recording. It can also be teamed up with up to four other Garmin Dash Cams to capture video from multiple vantage points around your motor. Now those roadhogs really have nowhere to hide.

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