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Garmin’s Edge 1040 Solar bike computer sees the sunny side

100 hours of charge when the sun is shining

Garmin Edge 1040 Solar hot stuff on orange background

Cyclists getting their daily dose of vitamin D from the sun’s rays don’t have to worry about their bike computer running out of puff before they do – at least if they’re using the Garmin Edge 1040. The all-new model is the firm’s first to include solar power, letting it go up to 100 hours between charges.

It uses a cycling-focused twist on the Power Glass tech seen on Garmin’s sports watches, with the 3.5in display able to harvest 42 minutes of extra riding per hour, so long as you’re riding while the sun is shining. That should be enough for even the most committed of Tour de France trainees to record their routes.

Essentially an update to the flagship Edge 1030 Plus bike computer, the 1040 Solar brings a new user interface to the touchscreen, including a customisable home page. The ride summary view has been tweaked to put the important metrics front-and-centre, and cycling ability data now highlights the areas to focus on, or gets you prepped for a particular course. Real-time exertion feedback is on-board too, once paired with a compatible sensor.

A new setup process should get you on your bike quicker, too. Anyone coming from a previous Edge bike computer can pre-populate most settings based on recorded data, and activity profiles can be configured on a smartphone using Garmin’s Connect app.

Also new for ’22 is multi-band GNSS satellite positioning, which should cope better in the wilderness than previous models.

Data obsessives will appreciate the Firstbeat Analytics insights, including live heat and altitude acclimation, hydration notifications, and the remaining ascent when following a saved course. VO2 max, recovery time, and training load are all displayed post-ride. Mountain bikers get in on the action too, with jump count, distance, and hang time all saved for posterity.

The Edge 1040 Solar is on sale right now for £630. You can also pick up a plain ol’ plug-in version for a slightly more wallet-friendly £520.

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