Garmin Edge 1030 finds the best bike routes for you

Plus it's compatible with Strava Live Segments
29 August 2017 / 16:27BST

When you climb aboard your bike for the short trundle to work, unless you’re really forgetful, it’s unlikely you need a sat-nav to tell you where to go. But when the weekend comes and you feel like hitting the trails, how do you know the best routes to ride? The Edge 1030 bike computer features new Trendline mapping, which uses Garmin’s Connect network to gauge the popularity of various routes, so you can find the newest trails that people are carving out. You’ll get turn-by-turn navigation for each one, plus alerts for any particularly sharp turns ahead. With a 3.5in screen and 20-hour battery life, it’ll set you back £500, or, for an extra £50, you can get a bundle that includes speed and cadence sensors, plus a heart rate monitor.

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