The Bosch Design Vision shows how the ebikes of tomorrow might shape up

One for the future
08 July 2020 / 10:29BST

Time travel might not exist (yet), but that hasn't stopped Bosch from giving us a glimpse in to the future. The company has debuted a new concept ebike called the 'Design Vision' that shows us how the leccy bikes of tomorrow might shape up. Designed as an Urban Sports Cruiser, the minimalist two-wheeler features a carbon frame with fully integrated front and rear suspension for comfort and control, whether you're hurtling down a dirt track or cruising through the city streets. Bosch has installed its Performance Line CX drive, which offers 85 Nm of torque, into the Vision's white carbon frame alongside side cooling channels to help keep the CX ticking over. The robust PowerTube 625 battery promises plenty of range with a rated capacity of 16.7 Ah and roughly 625 Wh energy content, while the world's first production-ready ABS system would (hopefully) make sure you don't converge with a hedge. An integrated LED light system and fancy on-board Nyon computer bolster the Design Vision's futuristic credentials, and ensure the bike wouldn't look out of place in the next series of Black Mirror.

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