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Angell’s lightweight e-bike must be sent from heaven

Or maybe it’s just French

When you think of French people on bikes you probably imagine someone in a beret and a stripey top, with a string of onions around their neck and a Gauloises drooping from their bouche. But the vélo industry has come a long way since the stereotypical image in your brain was painted and the Angell (from £2690) is so crammed with tech it should probably only be ridden by members of Daft Punk. With a 250-watt motor and 36-volt battery, it’ll hit 15mph and keep going for up to 56 miles before it needs recharging. There’s a 2.4in screen in between the vibrating handlebars with built-in GPS, plus front and rear turn signals, so admirers will know which way you’re going. With location tracking, automatic locking and various other security features onboard Angell reckons it’s pretty much theftproof, plus there’s even an integrated SIM card so it can be kept updated with new features. This is a bike that gives a whole new meaning to the Tour De France.