ShiftCam is a multi-lens case for iPhone 11 Pro owners who think three cameras is not enough

Five eyes
15 April 2020 / 11:57BST

Anyone armed with an iPhone 11 Pro now has a phone with three cameras. For some photographers, that’s not nearly enough. Fortunately, ShiftCam (from £79.99) is here to give you even more options. The case has a bunch of lenses on a sliding section on its rear. These enable you to get up close and personal with 10× and 20× macros, get your zoom on with a 4× telephoto, cut out glare and increase ultra-wide contrast with the polariser, and just make snaps look flat-out weird with the fisheye. More into selfies? There’s a lens adapter for use with ShiftCam’s high-end ProLens series. Lib wobbling because you don’t have an iPhone 11 Pro in your mitts? Check out the range anyway, because the iPhone 11 gets a nod too — albeit with fewer lens options.