Panasonic’s Lumix S1H can shoot 6K video

But you might want to start saving now...
03 June 2019 / 15:09BST

When your movie script is met with polite rejection for the 100th time, it’s probably a sign that you should just make the thing yourself. But what to shoot it on? If you can wait until the autumn, Panasonic has just the thing. The full-frame, mirrorless Lumix S1H is the world’s first camera capable of recording 6K video at 24p. That might seem pointless when most TVs max out at 4K, but the extra resolution will come in handy if you need to crop any of your shoots in post. Not convinced you’ll need all those pixels? It’ll also do 5.9K at 30p (and 4K at 60p). A wide dynamic range of over 14 stops also means it should pick up plenty of detail in almost any lighting conditions. There’s no UK price yet but in the US it’s expected to set you back $4000. Maybe it’s time to scale back the special effects budget...