Panasonic Lumix TZ95 is a tiny camera with a huge zoom

Not to mention 4K video skills...
19 February 2019 / 12:00GMT

We love our system cameras here at Stuff, but we also realise it’s not always convenient to lug around a bulky body and a lens the size of a Red Stripe can. Sometimes you need to travel light, and in those situations a camera like Panasonic’s new Lumix TZ95 (£399, available late April) can be a godsend. Armed with a 30x optical zoom and 1/2.3in 20.3MP sensor, it’ll provide the sort of reach and image quality a smartphone can’t match while still squeezing into your coat pocket – making it a perfect choice for chronicling your holiday exploits, perhaps. There’s 4K video recording on board, as well as an electronic viewfinder and the ability to shoot stills at speeds of up to 10fps. Oh, and it even has a flip-out screen to ensure well-framed selfies.