Moment's new Anamorphic Drone Lens will help Mavic users shoot truly cinematic footage

Shooting star
10 July 2019 / 15:06BST

Mobile photography specialist Moment has unveiled a new range of lenses, filters, and cases for drones. The star of the Moment Air range is the Anamorphic Drone Lens, which will allow DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom users to capture footage with true black bars and that "buttery cinematic look" moviegoers will be familiar with. Constructed using cinema quality glass normally found in 4K camera, the hand-polished lens will apparently to deliver Hollywood-esque shots with plenty of pop, and an impressive comparison video over on Kickstarter suggests it'll absolutely make good on that promise. Rounding out the Air range is a series of Airlight Drone Filters that can be used to add cinematic blur and other effects, and an Ultra Thin Photo Case that's perfect for those who regularly pair their iPhone with a drone controller. The full kit can be bought together or separately, and has just soared past its £80,000 funding crowdfunding goal.