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Magnets make the DJI Action 2’s modular design click

DJI Action 2

When it comes to action cameras it’s long been GoPro first, any other brand a distant second, third or fourth. DJI wants to change that, which is why it’s overhauled its own action cam offering into a dazzling new modular design.

The DJI Action 2 (from £349/$399/€399, available now) uses strong magnets to lock add-on modules like a power pack, touchscreen, handle or lanyard in place; it’s a fast, highly adaptive design that’ll suit sporty types and vloggers alike.

The tiny cube-like main unit, which weighs just 57g, has an IP68-rated waterproof build and 1/1.7in sensor recording 4K/120fps video with a super-wide 155º field of view, plus RockSteady 2.0 electronic image stabilisation to smooth everything out. Special recording modes include slow motion, hyperlapse, timelapse and live streaming, while pairing the main unit with a Power Module add-on gives it up to 180 minutes of continuous battery life and an additional microSD slot.

Other magnetic add-ons include the Front Touchscreen module (which adds not only an OLED touchscreen for easy framing and previews, but three extra microphones and up to 160 minutes of battery life), Magnetic Headbands and Lanyards (as seen in the image above) to discreetly capture FPV video, and adapter mounts for fixing the camera to objects or surfaces while filming. A Remote Control Extension Rod combines selfie stick, tripod and detachable remote (a triple threat few vloggers could resist), while a waterproof case boosts the Action 2’s underwater limit from 10m to 60m.

We’ve already had our hands on a sample of the DJI Action 2 and a host of its accessories, so keep an eye out for our full, in-depth review very soon.