Lomography’s £20 holiday camera is not disposable, and neither are memories

Just put in another film and keep on remembering
18 April 2017 / 15:30BST

Disposable film cameras were gateways to the now almost-forgotten ‘Double LOL’. Weeks (or even years) after the original moment had passed, it is re-laughed by the arrival of the photo prints. But disposable things declined and digital things inclined and photos became instantly shared and forgotten about. Single LOL. Lomo’s bringing it back. Its £19.90 ‘Simple Use’ cameras come pre-loaded with colour, B&W or vintage-hued ‘purple’ film, which you’ll have to send off once you get home, to get that second laugh processed. But, unlike those old disposables you don’t send the whole camera – it can be re-loaded with any 35mm film.