Kodak's Mini Shot is a feature-packed instant camera for less than £100

Now with Bluetooth
13 December 2017 / 14:26GMT

Instant cameras will likely be appearing in plenty of Christmas stockings this year, and the Kodak Printomatic is one of the cheapest available. Before you settle on one of those during your inevitably last minute shopping scramble, though, you might want to consider that camera’s newly announced, more talented bigger brother. At £99.99 the Kodak Mini Shot is a tenner dearer, but on top of the built-in printer, this cam features a 1.7” LCD viewfinder and Bluetooth - both features absent from the Printomatic. Sure, you could argue that sending photos to your smartphone for last minute edits and sepia filter application kind of defeats the point of *instant* photography, but millennials will be millennials. You’re also able to send any snap saved on your phone to the Mini Shot for printing. Like its predecessor, the Mini Shot uses a 10MP sensor and prints 2.1” x 3.4” (credit card-sized) pictures. Grab one on Amazon now.


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