The Instax Square SQ20 lets you capture the perfect moving image

Pictures in motion, or motion pictures if you will
25 September 2018 / 17:30BST

Let’s be honest, we’ve all tried to leap up into the air and capture ourselves mid-leap so it looks like we can actually levitate. The Instax Square SQ20 (£179.99), Fujifilm’s latest instant hybrid camera to use the square format, boasts of a new Motion Mode feature which makes capturing moving images a cinch. Capturing a 15 second video and using its frame grab capability will make any pet owners realise their dream of catching their fast-moving cat or dog in a picture-perfect moment. With a selfie mirror on the lens and 4.0 digital zoom, the SQ20 has all the features of the previous model and then some. Available in matte black and beige from October 20, printing snazzy motion shots will be a snap.