Insta360 Pro is an 8K camera that won't bodge your panorama

Silky smooth stitching for your livestream
28 April 2017 / 10:00BST

360-degree filming has a bit of a mixed reputation, what with the often shoddy stitching that leaves half a face floating through footage. Insta360’s Pro camera (US$3499) changes this, though, with optical flow stitching - a clever bit of software that analyses images at pixel level to stitch them smartly and neatly, across all six lenses (or fewer, if you’d prefer a closer focus). Throw an 8K resolution into the mix, alongside real-time stabilisation, and you’ve an astoundingly sharp, smooth picture - which, thanks to a 60% chop in bandwidth and on-board Wi-Fi, can be shared straight to Facey-B and YouTube.