Hasselblad’s H6D-400C shoots 400MP 2.3GB stills

Mega megapixels
18 January 2018 / 12:09GMT

Hasselblad is a company intent on one-upping itself. We’ve seen 100MP, we’ve seen 200MP, and it’s now about to launch the H6D-400C, a Multi-Shot monster capable of producing, you guessed it, 400MP stills. You’re probably wondering how (so were we), but it’s actually fairly simple: the camera takes four shots, shifting the 100MP CMOS sensor by one pixel each time until it’s completed a square movement. A further two captures move the sensor half a pixel horizontally and another half pixel vertically, before all six are combined to give you the equivalent of a 400MP image. That’s a whopping 23200 x 17400 pixels. If you’re thinking this all sounds dauntingly power-hungry, you’d be right. Each 16-bit TIFF file will gobble up 2.4GB, and you can’t even use the functionality without first hooking the camera up to a computer. Not one for a Sunday morning hike, then. Really, this is a snapper for professionals who are shooting extremely still images. Think museum exhibits and ancient artifacts. But if you’re still tempted, you can pick one up for a cool $48,000 in March.