Fishball is a cheap and easy way to turn your iPhone into a 360-degree camera

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21 November 2017 / 13:30GMT

Once upon a time, the ability to capture flat, two-dimensional photos on your smartphone was heralded as some kind of game-changer. A great camera in your pocket, always there when a particularly good-looking artisan sandwich simply must be immortalised. These days, though, it’s all about shooting in 360 glorious degrees. Feature-packed devices like the Insta360 One can already turn your iPhone into a 360-degree cam, but they’re expensive. At just $39, Fishball, currently funding on Indiegogo, looks like the cheapest option, and it might well be the simplest too. The little gizmo’s proprietary lens system uses your iPhone’s existing camera rather than an external one, so all you need to do is clip it on. The Fishball app stitches together your recordings, which you can then view and share as 360° content straight from your phone. Just like that. The manufacturer aims to start shipping in June 2018, providing it hits its target.