Canon’s funky fisheye lens lets you shoot 3D VR content with an EOS R5 mirrorless camera

Bug-eyed barrel
07 October 2021 / 10:20BST

Flagship smartphones might be sprouting lenses left, right and centre, but one thing we didn’t expect to see in 2021 was a two-eyed barrel from Canon. Yet here it is, with orbs that Wall-E would be proud of. A true ocular oddity, the RF 5.2mm F2.8L Dual Fisheye Lens allows owners of Canon’s EOS R5 powerhouse to capture 3D VR content in 190 degrees and super sharp 8K. Light is channelled down each of its peepers, with the two scenes recorded simultaneously on the same full-frame sensor. And because the openings are spaced precisely 60mm apart, the resulting footage has a natural stereoscopic depth that’s perfect for use with a VR headset. So budding VR videographers can step into the scene they just shot for real, no niche tech necessary. Only a £4k mirrorless camera and a £2100 lens to go with it. Which is enough to widen the eyes.