Canon's EOS M100 thinks your smartphone is a photographic amateur

Teeny mirrorless cam wants to upgrade your everyday snapping
29 August 2017 / 13:04BST

Canon's faithful might have been hoping for a full-frame mirrorless cam, but the feisty EOS M100 is here to tingle the snapping tastebuds of a very different crowd. Thanks to its pocketable dimensions and DSLR-style APS-C sensor, its autofocus is locked on replacing your smartphone for everyday photography. With Wi-Fi and NFC also on board, it's certainly a step up from its predecessor, the M10. And while 24MP may not be enough resolution for the hopefuls who wanted something to rival the Sony A9, it’s a damn sight better than your smartphone camera. Oh, and one more costs £570, so if you start saving £17.30 a day now, you might have enough camera tokens come October. Until then, you can whet your appetite with our hands-on review


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