Blue's Yeti Nano mic isn’t just for small talk

Testing, testing...
29 August 2018 / 18:05BST

Your plan for fame and fortune is almost complete. You’ve set up your YouTube channel, settled on a name (Sausage Fan TV) and lined up a nice six-pack of bangers to review on your inaugural episode. But, as Ainsley Harriott probably always says, you’ll struggle to secure subscribers if they can’t hear you sizzle. Blue’s existing Yeti mics are popular with Tube Dawgs (as precisely nobody calls them), thanks to their plug ‘n’ play USB operation and high-quality sound, although they are a bit on the large side. So what has Blue gone and done? Crammed similarly serious 24-bit recording capabilities inside a smaller chassis. The Yeti Nano (£89.99) is available now in four different colours. Save us a sausage, would you?

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