Urbanista returns with a pair of truly wireless earphones

Cutting the cord on a budget
25 September 2017 / 14:55BST

We were big fans of Urbanista’s Seattle wireless headphones. In fact, the budget-priced cans are still sitting in top spot of our prestigious Top 10 for the category. Naturally, then, we’re very interested in Tokyo, the first wireless in-ear ‘phones from the stylish Stockholm-based brand. Looks-wise, Urbanista has gone for the same minimalist design as the Seattles. We’re hoping they’ll be just as comfortable, too. With a water and sweat resistance rating of IPX4, they should cope fine with a thrashing at the gym, and the inclusion of a charging case means burning through the 2.5-hour playtime won’t leave you tuneless for long. We can’t comment on sound quality yet, but at £109.99 (and with Urbanista’s track record) you could be looking at another bargain.