Twelve South AirFly gives your Apple AirPods a plastic pal with a headphone jack

Get wired
16 May 2018 / 12:52BST

So you’re on a plane or in a gym, faced with a 3.5mm headphone port, and suddenly realise your fancy wireless AirPods are about as useful to you as someone filling your ears with trifle. But before you get all sad (or distracted by the thought of tasty treats), grab an AirFly ($40). Weighing in at 15g, and about the size of the AirPods charging case, this little dongle when charged has enough juice to last eight hours. After pressing a button and pairing it with your bluetooth headphones, you plug it into a device still partying like it’s 1999, and smugly yell “COURAGE!” at the top of your lungs – until someone forcibly ejects you from the gym or flight, most likely without the aid of a parachute.