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Transparent’s Light Speaker is an ambient lantern with glow and tones to go

See-through sound for the campsite

Newsflash: a lot of speakers have empty space inside. It’s there to help the audio waves fill your sonic chamber, but most makers usually choose to hide it, in case you feel like you’re being sold a Bluetooth box of air. Which you are.

Not Transparent, though. Big believers in see-through stuff, Transparent’s wireless noise boxes come with clear sides so you can see exactly what’s going on inside. And what better way to highlight the void at the heart of its speakers than by shrinking one down and lighting it up?

Transparent’s Light Speaker combines campfire vibes with good vibrations. Crafted from hardy aluminium and borosilicate glass, the go-anywhere glower harbours a bass element which doubles up as an atmospheric light. Intended to mimic the warm ambience of bonfire flames, the amber lamp flickers in sync with your sunset songs, subtly changing colour to set the cosy tone.

Backing up the 2.5in full-range driver is a 3in passive radiator for punch and precision in equal measure, while the domed lid helps to distribute your Bluetooth tunes in 360 degrees. A 10-hour battery life means you can keep the glow going ’til morning, while a detachable handle makes it easy to tote. You can also pair two together for light and sound in stereo.

And because the great outdoors is best enjoyed sustainably, the weatherproof Light Speaker is designed to last for longer. Each component of the modular lantern can be repaired, replaced or upgraded to reduce the environmental impact of electronic waste. Shipping in December, the Transparent Light Speaker will set you back £275 ($350) – empty space included.

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