Steinway is launching an intelligent piano that can record and play your performances

Bach to the future
08 March 2019 / 10:00GMT

Esteemed piano maker Steinway has released a new high resolution player piano capable of recording live performances and playing them back instantaneously. The Steinway Spirio | r comes bundled with an iPad Pro and Spirio app that grants access to a powerful toolset that can be used to record, edit, play back, and save performances on the fly. Though the app, pianists will be able to modify note velocity and duration, correct wrong notes, and tweak pedal data, before saving their performance in a variety of file formats including MIDI, MP3, and Spirio high resolution. Just like the original Spirio (released in 2015), the Spirio | r can also playback to thousands of pre-recorded tracks via the Spirio Music Library, including legendary performances from the likes of Duke Ellington, Glenn Gould, Arthur Rubinstein, and Art Tatum. Oh, and don't be fooled by its vintage aesthetic, because the Spirio | r can be integrated into any high-tech music setup thanks to a smorgasbord of wi-fi, bluetooth, ethernet, USB, HDMI, and MIDI connections.