Sony’s MHC-V83D is a party in a box

Ain't no party like a MHC–V83D party
28 August 2020 / 14:44BST

In these days of social distancing and limited gatherings, parties are not the close-quarters mingle-a-thons they used to be, so if you’re hosting a shindig with your guests scattered across various nearby postcodes, you might need to upgrade your sound system to something more suitable. Sony’s MHC-V83D (£700) offers omnidirectional sound, with horn tweeters and mid-horn speakers meaning the sound should reach your widely distributed revellers more easily, plus there’s built-in lighting too. Its Fiestable app lets guests add tunes to the playlist, and while singing isn’t advised right now, it does come with microphone and guitar inputs in case your friends keep cueing up Jamiroquai tunes and you need to take musical matters into your own hands. You can even add your own drumming by tapping on the top panel – and if that doesn’t make your guests want to keep their distance, nothing will.