Sonos Move is the first speaker in the range to take the house party outside

Party on the go
05 September 2019 / 14:10BST

The thought of a Sonos speaker roaming free unhinhibted by wires and Wi-Fi seems weird. Gone are the days where a Sonos is contained by walls and behind the safety of doors and given names which imbue utter domestic dullness such as 'Bedroom' or 'Living room'. It's a bit of heifer at 3kg, but comes with all the delights we expect from Sonos: Connect it to other speakers via WiFi, or switch on Bluetooth to take it further afield. Rated IP56 it should be able to sustain snow, drizzle and a few heaps of sand. Available at the end of September for £399, it's definitely a more high-end outdoorsy star and Sonos promise absolutely no compromise to sound quality incorporating Trueplay, whereby the speaker alters its behviour dependend on the surrounding. It plays nice with just about any music streaming service and Alexa et al are on board should you like to make verbal demands, plus AirPlay 2 is there for when the Sonos app fails you. Throw in 10 hours of playback, a charging station which comes in the box and the ability to charge it via USB-C, we're delighted Sonos has finally found the courage to leave the house.