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Sleevenote is like an iPod for vinyl geeks

And it’s the brainchild of quirky British musician Tom Vek

Before the days of algorithms, Discover Weekly, and sponsored playlists, an album’s artwork was often all you had to go on – and Sleevenote wants to put it back in the spotlight. Halfway between the size of a CD and a 7in record sleeve, the front of this not-as-portable-as-it-could-be digital music player is dominated by a hi-res touchscreen, with the playback buttons on the top edge of the case so you don’t have an interface interfering with the artwork. Of course, it’s not just about the cover, otherwise you could just look at a JPEG of it, so Sleevenote has 250GB of built-in storage for MP3s, it supports hi-res audio, and there’s Wi-Fi onboard so you can stream from Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp et al. It’s undoubtedly a niche proposition, but it’s one we can get onboard with. If it sounds up your street too, you’ve got 28 days to put your money where your mouth is over on Indiegogo.

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