Sennheiser’s 13-speaker Ambeo soundbar goes on sale in May

3D audio prototype becomes reality - but it'll cost you
10 January 2019 / 12:50GMT

Last time Sennheiser showed off its Ambeo soundbar it was only a prototype, but after a year beavering away in the lab the Atmos-compatible TV speaker is ready for business. With 13 drivers onboard it uses the walls, ceiling and other reflective surfaces of your room to recreate a 5.1.4 system without having to scatter satellite speakers all over the gaff. Chromecast support is built in, plus there’s Upmix Technology onboard, which turns regular 5.1 surround sound into full 3D, and you can tweak the Ambeo’s settings to your liking using the companion app. It goes on sale in May for the fairly hefty price of €2499.