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Q Acoustics’ new speaker has a bonkers stand inspired by futuristic ‘50s architecture

Less smoke and mirrors, more rods and cables

The Q Acoustics Concept 300 is the company’s most advanced speaker yet, and shouts about it with an elaborately engineered stand that relies on a fancy system of aluminium rods and stainless steel cables to keep everything in place. The tripod stand was actually inspired by the futuristic Skylon tower which was constructed on London’s South Bank for 1951’s Festival of Britain (a bit like the World’s Fair, but all about Britain. A Brexit World Fair, if you will). Like its ‘50s muse, Q Acoustics’ clever Tensegrity stand is self-supporting, but the idea here is that the low surface area of the rod and cable mash-up eradicates pesky radiating sound to make your tunes sound better. The speaker lands in March, with a price tag of £2,999 for a pair, including the stands. In fact, the maker is so confident that its new stand offers the best possible sound pairing for its speaker, you can’t buy the speakers stand-free.

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