Pro-Ject wants to deliver high-fidelity sound and affordability with new T1 turntable

For audiophiles on a budget
15 April 2019 / 11:43BST

Audio specialist Pro-Ject is gunning for perfection with its new T1 turntable. The first in the company's brand new T-Line, the T1 aims to deliver true high-fidelity sound on a limited budget. It boasts premium mate-rials, stylish aesthetics, and a rich, lively sound. Available in gloss black, matt white, and walnut, Pro-ject has produced three different versions of the T1. The base model (€275) forgoes any additional features for a pure phono output and best possible price to performance ratio. Meanwhile, the T1 BT (€325) adds a built-in phono stage and bluetooth transmitter, and the Phono SB version (€325) includes a built-in Pro-Ject designed high-quality phono MM stage and electronic speed switch. All you have to decide is which one you want to spin your Hendrix collection.