Luzli’s Roller MK02 headphones take design inspiration from Swiss watches

Which is probably why they’re in no way cheap
16 April 2019 / 16:00BST

Great skiing, Lindt and Federer: we have a lot to thank Switzerland for, and that’s before we even get to all the lovely luxury watches the country is famous for. And it’s those internationally renowned tickers that Basel-based Luzli had in mind when designing its new MK02 over-ears. Machined from pure aluminum and stainless steel, everything about them screams premium, and the links in the headband make it look a bit like a giant watch strap. They also allow the cans to be rolled into a ball when they need storing. There shouldn’t be any concerns in the audio department either; custom 40mm dynamic drivers were developed for the MK02, while the baffles, acoustic chambers, foam earpads and bass ports were all tuned for the best possible sound. Grab a pair now for - brace yourselves - £3,840.