Kozmophone is a modern take on Edison’s gramophone, with a wireless charger and holograms

Give it a spin
06 August 2018 / 16:42BST

Love vinyl, but feel you’ve not gone retro enough? Reckon you’d plonk a gramophone in your living room, if only it wasn’t century-old tech? You’re in luck. Kozmophone ($249) hurls Edison’s invention into the present, and then drop-kicks it into the future. The main unit resembles the classic gramophone, but incorporates a headphone stand that includes a holographic display and wireless phone charger. There’s Bluetooth in and RCA line out. Stuff suspects the latter of those will come in particularly handy should someone nab Kozmophone’s detachable horn on the sly, for 12 hours of portable audio playback – and presumably quite a few funny looks from anyone nearby.