Ikea's Sonos-powered Symfonisk speaker unveiled early

We'll take two
08 April 2019 / 18:02BST

As collaborations go, Sonos and Ikea has got to be right up there with Ant & Dec, Lea & Perrins and Sting & Shaggy. The fruit of the pair’s partnership has been teased for months, but we finally know that the Symfonisk range consists of a table lamp and bookshelf, each with an integrated Wi-Fi speaker. The lamp (€179) is thought to boast audio credentials similar to that of the Sonos One, while the bookshelf speaker (€99.95) - although not as powerful - can take up to 3kg if you want to store books on it. Both speakers can be controlled with the Sonos app and added to your multiroom setup, plus they'll work with Ikea's own Tradfri lighting system as well. Expect an autumn launch.