Honor’s FlyPods Pro earphones unlock your phone with your bones

AirPod-esque wireless buds come with BoneID tech and wireless charging case
06 November 2018 / 11:17GMT

First it was your fingerprint, then your face, now Honor’s new wireless earphones can use your skeleton to unlock your phone. The FlyPods Pro use a combination of voice recognition and BoneID tech, which recognises sounds conducted by your skull to verify it’s you, activate Honor’s YoYo voice assistant and authenticate mobile payments. There’s also an IP54 waterproof rating, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and a distinctly Apple-esque carry case that doubles as a charger, although this one can also be recharged wirelessly as well as via USB-C. They’re only available in China right now, with a price tag of ¥999, which works out at around £110. A pair without the BoneID tech is also available for ¥799/£89.