Honor’s Earbuds 2 Lite deliver ANC and big battery life for a bargain price

2 Lite, 2 luxurious
05 August 2021 / 13:06BST

Bargain earbuds are nothing new, but few budget-friendly 'phones feature quite as many tricks as Honor’s latest listening sticks. Equipped with 55mAh cells, the Earbuds 2 Lite can keep your canals entertained for 10 hours in a single stint, while the charging case will see them through 32. Caught short? Fast-charging smarts will have you jiving again in a jiffy, delivering four hours of juice in just 10 minutes. As if that’s not enough for your pocket money, they also pack active noise-cancelling, alongside an Awareness Mode which allows ambient audio in at the touch of a stem. The price for all this audio wizardry? 10 cents shy of €70, which puts the Earbuds 2 Lite close to stocking filler territory. Santa, listen up.