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Groov-e’s Radio Curve is a portable slumber-stopper

Just five more minutes...

Life can be pretty exhausting right now, so it can be tempting to take every opportunity to grab 40 winks: on the bus, halfway up a mountain, at the dentist. Oversleeping in those situations can be risky, but Groov-e’s Radio Curve (£19.99) should stop you from waking up in Penge or without any teeth. This compact alarm clock has a 1200mAh rechargeable battery inside, which means you can take it with you whenever you think you might get time to have a quick snooze. There’s also an FM radio onboard, which will play for nine hours before it drains the battery fully, plus there’s a Sleep mode that’ll automatically turn it off after a set time. There’s also a nine-minute snooze function and the LED display has four levels of brightness, so you can make sure it doesn’t distract the dentist while they’re busy working on your gnashers.