Fender’s Acoustasonic Telecaster does impressions of 10 different guitars

American-made six-string goes from acoustic to electric and everything in between
22 January 2019 / 16:49GMT

For many guitarists, it seems the main appeal of playing the iconic instrument is that it means they can buy lots of different axes and claim each one sounds different. If that rings a bell, Fender’s latest creation is not going to be music to your ears. While it’s by no means the first hybrid guitar out there, the American-made Acoustasonic Telecaster is a real chameleon (it even comes in green). The fully hollow body means you can just play it as a standard acoustic but the built-in Acoustic Engine means it can replicate 10 different tones, with the wonderfully named Mod Knob and Acoustasonic Noiseless pickup allowing you to play them simultaneously or blend them to create whole new sounds. How well it can do that remains to be heard but if your one-man band could do with a kick up the sound hole, the Acoustasonic Telecaster will be available to order later this week for £1649.