Devialet's phantom reactor packs high-end audio into a suspiciously small speaker

Alors on danse
09 October 2018 / 9:00BST

The phantom reactor brings the entire opera to your house, and don’t bother clearing your hallway to make room for Pavarotti and chums just yet, because this plug-and-play speaker measures a mere 21cmx16cm, is about 17cm in height and weighs 10lb. For anyone familiar with the French audio company with a penchant for design principles from the yet unknown era of 2118, that’s a quarter smaller than the original Phantom (2010). It’s the companies first ‘affordable’ bit of kit at £990 and is available to pre-order from 10 October. Although it’s petite enough to be held in one hand, though I’m not sure why you’d do this, it delivers a maximum volume of 98 dB SPL, and a jaw-dropping 900W of peak power - which is one hell of a punch. It promises top audio quality and incredible detail with zero saturation, distortion or background noise. Overleaping any complicated set up often associated with hi-fi, it’s Bluetooth compatible and will link to Spotify Connect, allow Airplay, and there's even an optical jack connection.