Coturn CT-01 is a portable turntable that lets you play vinyl almost anywhere

Give it a spin
28 February 2020 / 17:01GMT

Portable music fast became the norm: the Walkman freed us from bulky hi-fi kit, and the Discman upped the ante before iPods and streaming waltzed on in. A fan of vinyl? Tough. Until now, that is, because the Coturn CT–01 Portable Record Player (€299) is, if not exactly pocket-sized at 345mm×130mm×35mm, a record player you can chuck in a rucksack. And it’s not cheat tat – the CT–01 is made from premium materials, and has a suitably sleek design. Press the tone arm and it slowly rises from the body as the unit wakes; touch input lets you select what speed record you’d like to play. You get up to 16 hours on a single charge – enough to blast out almost half a Pink Floyd guitar solo from a connected Bluetooth speaker pretty much anywhere you please. Oh, and there’s a headphone jack (take that, modern smartphones!) cunningly positioned at the unit’s rear, so your cable doesn’t interfere with anything while you’re rocking out.