Braun returns to the world of audio with reinvented LE speakers

Old is new
09 September 2019 / 14:03BST

The future is dead. As confusion reigns supreme in 2019, people are retreating to the past faster than you can say 'Great Scott!'. Garish oversized shirts are back in fashion, cassette players are actually a thing again, and Stranger Things has every single millennial pining for an era that ended before they popped into existence. It's the perfect time, then, for Braun to rewind the clock and reinvent its timeless LE speakers from 1959. Designed to reintroduce audiophiles to the heritage of Braun Audio, the so-old-it's-new LE Range - comprised of the LE01 (£1,099), the LE02 (£749) and the LE03 (£349) speakers - sports elegant, mimimalist designs, and promises to deliver the same performance you'd expect from modern tech. They're Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled with support for Chromecast and AirPlay 2, while Google Assistant is built in. The speakers can be paired for stereo sound, and come with both a 3.5mm aux and an Ethernet port if you don't trust your Wi-Fi. We hope to have a listen before they go on sale in October.